A Funny Pandemic Meditation

I hope this funny pandemic meditation gives you a laugh in lockdown!

Read the transcript below:


Beginning to bring your attention to your body and to your breath. Maybe rocking from sit bone to sit bone, giving each side of your bottom a break, for maybe the first time today.

Let's take a deep inhale, allowing your body to fill with rage. Exhale, keeping that rage in, holding on to it. Nobody can take that away from you.

In times of pandemic or in times of emergency can sometimes spew in people show their true strength and find their true friends. Then just know that it's perfectly okay if you discover that you do not have any strength, just be as you are. Right now is a little weakling and leech on society.

As you get deeper into your meditation practice, you may notice that it's easier to begin to tap into your emotions. Just notice know what they are. It could be contentment, happiness, perhaps an overwhelming sadness that really is planking you to the core of your being.

Let's do breathing exercise now. Inhale, reaching the arms up, looking up, noticing the smell of your own body odour. Exhale, letting the hands come back down to the earth, wondering perhaps when was the last time you showered. Really becoming familiar and comfortable with your scent. Exhale, wishing you could let the smell go but, of course, you're not able to as you're trapped in your apartment.

As we close off this meditation, perhaps just noticing how you feel in this moment. Perhaps even more filled with rage, and grouchiness, and boredom, and allowing all of those feelings to fuel your unfinished schemes for revenge or wealth. Allowing the grouchiness to permeate each layer of consciousness. Thank you so much for joining me for today's meditation practice.

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Funny pandemic meditation

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  2. Thanks! Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously. Good to wallow for a bit (without any judgement 😜)
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