Not another silly pandemic meditation

It's the sequel you never asked for...

A silly pandemic meditation – Part 2:

If you missed my first funny pandemic meditation, you can watch it here. I hope these videos give you a much needed chuckle!

Here is the video transcript:

Start today by allowing yourself to tune into your thoughts. That's all you have right now.

As you inhale allowing the loneliness to creep over you, perhaps imagining what it used to be like when you had somebody to talk to other than yourself.

Let's do a breathing exercise. Inhale to reach your arms up, looking up at the ceiling, perhaps remembering what it used to be like to look at a sky. Exhale imagining the warm feel of sunlight that is no longer familiar to you.

Coming back to our breath now, maybe rolling your head from side to side, perhaps gazing out the window as you move your head. Seeing the finally warm sunny days that are coming and knowing that you won't be able to appreciate them. Inhale, imagining the open space of the outdoors. Exhale, letting the smallness of your tiny living space permeate your being.

Closing your eyes now, becoming aware of your entire body, perhaps the creeping anxiety that now lives there, knowing that you wash your vegetables more than you wash your body.

Taking something from this practice with you as you move about your day today, moving through your small apartment, your home that you share with other people who are simply driving you mad and allowing those realizations to fill your mind with dread.

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A silly pandemic meditation

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