Postcards from Kayla

This is where you can sign up to get digital postcards from Kayla! Every month or two I'll send an email with updates on where I am in the world, what I'm reading, my favourite jokes and gifs, what I'm writing, what I'm listening to, and what art I'm looking at. Yes, it's all about me me me, but I'm hoping in sharing my corners of the web with you you'll get a little peek into what my life is like, and perhaps share your corner of the web with me!

Each email will feel like a compilation of a few different postcards from the dark recesses of my mind. If you're new to my work I mostly cover travel, yoga, mindfulness, remote work, and literary nerd things like magic, witches, and the occasional mermaid or alien. Also, puppies. When it's a slow news day, there will be puppy pics.

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ps. I already trademarked the alien mermaid movie idea so don't even try 😛.