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Live-stream yoga classes during COVID-19

I am now offering small group yoga classes via zoom! All classes are pay what you can and are open to all levels! There are three different class types and all are built around coming together to de-stress and take care of ourselves during the year of 2020/21. Learn more and sign up for a class here.


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Breathe in

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I know, Because I've been there.

What if I never get better? What if my friends and family can't, or won't support me anymore? What will happen if I just Na-ma-stay in bed all day?

Even if the thought of meditation causes perspiration, I'll walk you through the principles of yoga and mindfulness in a non-denominational easy to understand way so that you can reduce pain and have more energy in your day. 

If you're new to yoga, I recommend starting with the resources below:

Yoga from home online courses

These online yoga courses are designed for people living with chronic illnesses. The courses can be done at your own pace from anywhere in the world! Click the buttons below to learn more about each course!

yoga for chronic illness

Chronically Kind Yoga

A 6-week yoga and meditation course for people living with a chronic illness. You'll learn the foundations of yoga therapy, and how it can help you manage your illness and live a fuller life.

what does a yogi look like

Yoga for Chronic Pain

A mini yoga course for chronic pain. 10 days, 10 minutes, $10. This course will help you set the path for an (almost) daily yoga practice that will reduce pain while stretching and strengthening the body.

yoga for sleep

Yoga for Chronic fatigue

A mini yoga course for chronic pain. 10 days, 10 minutes, $10. This course will help you set the path for an (almost) daily yoga practice that will reduce fatigue and increase energy

yoga for insomnia video

Yoga for insomnia

A mini yoga course for insomnia. 10 days, 10 minutes, $10. This 10-day bundle for insomnia will help you sleep better in just 10 minutes a day!


Private Yoga Classes

Get 1-on-1 attention from home in these 2-way video classes. We'll jump on a free consult call to discuss the right length and frequency of lessons for your needs

Yoga blogroll

A Tea Chat with Yuyun Tea

Over a cuppa, the founders and Yuyun tea chat about the origins of tea, the benefits (and dangers) of tea, tea time and tea ceremonies, and mindful tea drinking. I hope you enjoy this video!  Learn m...

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gut health chronic pain

The Gut, Stress, and Chronic Pain

We’ve all had butterflies or knots in our stomachs before an exam or a public speaking engagement. In both instances, stress or anxiety is causing that sensation in the stomach. Since chronic illnesse...

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Radical empathy

Radical Empathy

Over the last month, I've participated and listened in on a number of conversations around racism, discrimination, and empathy in our communities at home and around the world. Many people with chronic...

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a silly pandemic meditation

Not another silly pandemic meditation

It's the sequel you never asked for... A silly pandemic meditation – Part 2:  If you missed my first funny pandemic meditation, you can watch it here. I hope these videos give you a much needed chuck...

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Savasana lyme disease

4 Best Yoga Poses for Lyme Disease

If you have Lyme disease, practising yoga can help you ease some of your symptoms. Studies show that mindful meditation and yoga can significantly help to reduce pain as well as increase the ability t...

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