3 Lifestyle Pillars to Help You Cope With Any Chronic Condition

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When experiencing chronic illnesses, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Anybody experiencing this for the first time can find their whole world has turned upside down. All of a sudden, they're not able to sleep properly and may need to undergo ongoing treatments, which can make anyone feel like they are essentially living for the illness. The major difficulty in experiencing a chronic illness is that you don't know if you will get better, therefore, you need to learn coping strategies and make alterations to your lifestyle. What lifestyle changes need to be made at this point?

Coordinating Your Medication

You may need to take a number of pills, which can be very daunting, and understanding the best way to take them, as well as any problems to watch out for can help you to put everything in perspective. If you feel you don't get on well with certain medications or feel there are alternatives that may be able to help, it's important to have an ongoing dialogue with your doctor about what interferences there may be with specific medications. 

A common example is CBD. There are a number of high-quality CBD suppliers such as CBDistillery that can provide CBD tinctures and gummies, but you've got to be aware of any specific interactions. For example, CBD can interact with benzodiazepines, antidepressants, or blood pressure medication.

Making a Conscious Investment in Health

It can be so easy to avoid making the most obvious lifestyle changes like losing weight or exercising more because we feel that a chronic condition can almost give us the license to wallow and to indulge. However, there is a balance to be had here. 

If you are eating things that spike inflammation in your body and this makes managing a chronic pain condition far more difficult, you've got to start investing energy and time in making certain changes in your diet and daily structure that don't just help you with the quality of your life, but could also contribute to living longer. 

It can almost seem like an afterthought when medical professionals recommend you exercise and eat healthily, but you've got to determine the dosage that will truly make you feel more human than ever.

Find Specialist Support

One of the biggest mistakes we can make is overly relying on doctors to provide answers to everything. When you are looking for ways to feel better in your mental health, a general medical doctor is unlikely to provide you with real tangible results without opting for antidepressants. Understanding your condition will help you to seek out the relevant support based on the specific facet of your care or your goals. 

For example, a diet issue would help you more with nutrition, or a nurse may be better to help you with exercising or cutting down on smoking. But this doesn't mean you should avoid your doctor like the plague. 

Your doctor will be there every step of the way but you also need to take responsibility for your personal care too. They are there to provide as much information as possible but it can benefit you to fill in the gaps in their knowledge as well.


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