Yoga for Chronic Fatigue: Cat Pose

After an uplifting yoga session this morning, I decided to write another yoga related post on one of my favourite poses: cat pose. The movements in this pose are subtle, but it's great for waking up your spine- particularly for those who suffer from back pain. This pose is low impact, and is gentle enough to be done on bad days. The movement is quite simple:

1. Get on all fours, and keep your spine straight and your neck and head neutral

2. As you breath in, lift your hips up, and allow your spine to follow, creating a natural dip in your back and looking up with the head.

3. As your breath out, push your hips downwards and curl your spine upwards creating an arch, and letting your head and neck fall between your shoulders.

4. Continue doing this 6 times with your natural breathing rhythms.

5. Return your spine to neutral.


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6 Responses

  1. Cat pose always feels so good. I need to figure out which poses I can do without aggravating my SI joint. I'm pretty sure Cat would be a safe one for me.
  2. Great pose!
  3. This is a pose that I try to do every day -- brilliant for maintaining the flexibility in my lower lumbar especially -- that can get really stiff.
  4. The cat pose is part of my 'before I get out of bed' yoga practise, along with a very gently 'bridge' and a 'child's pose'.
  5. This pose is great, I use it whenever I feel I need to stretch my back.
  6. mmmm, feels good!!

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