Working from home with chronic fatigue syndrome

How can I work when I can barely get out of bed?

This was a question I asked myself many times when I was ill with chronic fatigue syndrome. I was struggling to make it through my first year of university, and for the first time, realizing my illness wasn't going away anytime soon, I started to worry about my future. I had always been ambitious, but now I knew there was no way I could have a job that required long, intense days (see my chronically ill's prayer for a job).

I had no idea that over the next few years I would go through a transformation that would change my life and my health. But I still knew that a high-stress work environment would not be good for me.

Five years ago I got my first freelancing gig online, and have been writing articles and social media copy for clients from my bed ever since! I also started this blog, and created online yoga programs that everyone can enjoy from home.

In this video, I talk about how and why I think working from home is brilliant for those with chronic fatigue syndrome (or any chronic illness).

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