Best Chronic Illness Blogs to Read and Follow

When I first started blogging I was so inspired by the amazing community of chronic illness blogs. People living with terrible illnesses were sharing their experiences, giving advice, and providing support for others. It’s opened up a world of support that you can’t get from your healthcare providers or friends and family who don’t understand what living with a chronic illness is really like.

When I was first diagnosed with CFS there weren’t a lot of places to go for help. There were some support groups, and if you lucked out you had a doctor that was sympathetic. But mostly, I was left to understand and manage this illness on my own. In the last 15 years, things have changed dramatically! Thanks to the internet and blogosphere, connecting with others living with chronic illnesses is easier than ever.

There are hundred of amazing chronic illness blogs and bloggers out there, and I’m sure I will miss some great ones on this list (so feel free to add in the comments)!

Here is a list of my favourite chronic illness blogs:

Lottie Ryan 

Lottie is a mother of two, occasional pin-up model, business owner, and, oh, she’s been living with daily pain for the last 18 years. She blogs about how to live a better life with chronic illness based on her personal experiences and shares what has helped her on her journey with chronic illness.

Conquering Fear Spiritually 

Katie, the author of Finding M.E, blogs about life with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She writes about coping with illness, and also shares her personal stories of how she has overcome many of the hardships of living with CFS. She’s also a big fan of yoga, so, of course, she’s won my heart!

The Pillow Fort 

The Pillow Fort’s mission is to ‘make chronic illness suck less’ and is an online magazine and shop aimed at young people with chronic illness. While Lizzy doesn’t blog very often anymore (she’s off kicking butt in the online business world!) the blog is still full of inspirational stories and tips on living with a variety of chronic illnesses. The free Facebook group is also a lovely way to connect with other young people living with a chronic illness.

Sarah Best Nutrition 

While Sarah doesn’t blog specifically about chronic illness, her mindful approach to health and nutrition will be a breath of fresh air to anyone with a chronic illness that’s having digestive or weight gain issues. She posts healthy and delicious recipes as well as tips for healing your gut mindfully.

The Whole Health Life

I just discovered this blog and I can't believe it took me so long! Shannon was diagnosed with an autoimmune illness when she was 24, and over the course of 10 years was able to lead herself to recovery. She writes about the latest health research and how to make small changes to your life to bring you the best health.

Sarah Beilfuss 

Sarah went from being bedridden with CFS to competing in fitness competitions! She now works with people suffering from burn out or fatigue get their lives back. Her blog is full of helpful tips for dealing with fatigue!

Chronic Babe 

Through blogging and vlogging, chronic babe talks about her life with chronic illness and provides valuable insights and tips for how you can live better with chronic illness. She blogs about everything from tips on de-stressing to how to feel sexy even when you’re feeling sick.

CFS Unraveled 

This blog focuses on recovery stories and evidence-based posts about living with CFS. Just the recovery stories alone are worth a read (or watch), and Dan’s unique take on what causes CFS and what factors go into curing it is fascinating.

Rebuilding Wellness 

Sue, author of FibroWHYalgia, was one of the first blogs I ever read on chronic illness! On her blog, she discusses various ways of healing or helping fibromyalgia pain, and reviews products and books that are helpful for anyone living with chronic pain. She’s also a holistic health care practitioner and covers all sorts of helpful tips for living with chronic illness.

Toni Bernard 

Toni Bernard is the author of several books on living mindfully with a chronic illness, and also writes a column on Psychology Today about ‘life through a Buddhist lens’. Her articles are full of practical tips and philosophical musings on living with a chronic illness.

ME/CFS Self Help Guru

Julie is a holistic health coach and inspirational editor at ProHealth. She was able to cure herself of ME not only once, but a second time after regressing back into the illness during a stressful time in her life. As you would guess from her title as inspirational editor, she shares inspiring stories and anecdotes, as well as practical tips on living with ME/CFS. She is also a big advocate for meditation and mindfulness which always earns bloggers a special place in my heart!

Chronic Heather

Heather is living with chronic pain and chronic fatigue and shares candid insights about her condition on her blog!

Chronic Body Pain

This blog explores various treatment methods for chronic pain, using both holistic and medicinal methods.

Happy reading!

If I’ve missed your favourite chronic illness blog, let me know in the comments!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my work and including me in this list of wonderful websites Kayla. Sending you lots of love -x-
    • Your very welcome, Lottie! Thanks for sharing such inspiring content!
  2. I will definitely check out some of these blogs. Some sound very interesting. I also love the ME/CFS Self Help Guru's blog, by Julie Holliday. She gives very practical positive and supportive suggestions and reassurance.
    • Great suggestion, Paula! I love her blog as well - will add it to the list! Hope you find some of the others helpful :)
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    • Thanks for the tip, Alice! I've added the blog!
  10. Lot's of beautiful blogs to follow. The term chronic is often applied when the course of the disease lasts for more than three months. People who has Chronic disease needs emotional support. Understanding is a key to lessen their pain. I love your post.
    • Thanks, Gregory! I agree emotional support and understanding are key!
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