Best Books on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Having chronic fatigue syndrome can feel lonely and confusing. When I was first diagnosed, I could barely find any information on CFS. There were a couple books and rumours of different doctors or specialists who could help with CFS. Now, thanks to the blogosphere, there’s a plethora of information on living with a chronic illness. There are also personal accounts of what patients and medical professionals have found helpful in finding recovery. While it’s an improvement to have too much rather than too little information, it can sometimes be hard to sort through. To try to make it a bit easier, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite books on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. These books helped me gain new perspectives on CFS as well as practical tips on easing symptoms and root causes of this illness.

Best Books on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

1. The Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Solution 

by Dr Jacob Teitelbaum

Dr Jacob Teitelbaum is one of the leading medical practitioners in the US on chronic illness. He takes a holistic approach, recommending medications, dietary supplements, and holistic therapies to patients. Since most people around the world aren’t able to visit Dr Teitelbaum as a patient, this book, which packs in issues like sleep, hormones, infections, and exercise is the next best thing!

2. Finding M.E: An alternative guide to healing M.E/CFS 

by Katie Manning

Katie recovered from severe ME/CFS and, in this book, shares the story of how she did it. Through her honest and candid story, Katie encourages others to take a wholly radical and fresh approach to healing. This is not your average recovery story, but then again, this is not your average illness. This is a journey from diagnosis through relapse, all the way to recovery via stumbles, setbacks and a sprinkling of spirituality. I loved reading Katie’s story. I identified with many of the things she did to get well, and learned more about my health and CFS!

3. CFS Unravelled 

by Dan Neuffer

This was one of the first books I came across when I decided to start blogging about my illness! Dan comes from a science background and uses that to get deep into the research of CFS. He takes a look at what some of the causes of CFS might be, and thus, how to address the root dysfunction for a lasting and robust recovery.

4. Surviving and Thriving with an Invisible Chronic Illness: How to Stay Sane and Live One Step Ahead of Your Symptoms 

By Ilana Jacqueline

Ilana takes a look at CFS, POTS, Lyme, and other chronic illnesses. This book doesn’t focus on recovery, but on living well with a chronic illness. While I do believe full or partial recovery is possible for many people, it may not be for everyone. Also, recovery can take time, and there’s no reason to put off improving the quality of your life. This book is helpful for those who want to make small improvements to their life while living with a chronic, invisible, condition.

5. 12,000 Canaries Can't Be Wrong: What's Making Us Sick and What We Can Do About It 

by Dr Jon Molot

This book by Dr Molot explores the causes and symptoms of environmental illnesses. Why do some people get ill while others do not? How do modern environments and lifestyles affect our health? In this book, Dr Molot aims to answer these questions while providing insight on to how you can change your environment to improve your health.

6. How to be Sick 

by Toni Bernhard

Toni is one of my favourite chronic illness writers! She takes lessons from modern psychology and Buddhism and applies them to living better with chronic illness. This book focuses on acceptance of chronic illness, which I believe is essential for living a fuller life when ill. Toni learned how to live a life of serenity, compassion, and joy. This book reminds us that our own inner freedom is limitless, regardless of our external circumstances.

7. Yoga for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: 7 Steps to Aid Recovery From CFS Through Yoga

by Kayla Kurin

This is my second book on how yoga helped me recover from chronic illness! I share what worked for me when I was facing the worst part of my illness, as well as the things I learned along the way from studying psychology, yoga, and both eastern and western medical practices. In this book, I outline 7 of the most influential steps I took to recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!

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Did I miss your favourite book on this list? Let me know in the comments!

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