A day in the life of a nomadic travel writer

In honour of my upcoming 7-year anniversary of nomad life, I’m sharing a series on what my life is like travelling and working online!

I first started writing online content as a way to pay for my yoga teacher training, but I fell in love with the job (and my really cool clients!). I now have too many writing projects to count, whether it’s writing for this blog, my next book, or social media or blog content for a client, I’m always ready to take on the joys and the struggles of getting words out of my brain and onto the page.

A day in the life of a travel writer

7:00am. wake up

When I’m not teaching yoga I’m more flexible on my wakeup time. I usually spend the first hour of the day in bed reading or meditating and responding to texts from my friends. If there are any quick things a client is waiting on me for, I might also tick this off now so I can enjoy yoga and breakfast without having to worry about work.

7:30am. yoga

I try to practice yoga in the morning (though sometimes it gets pushed back to the afternoons). It gives me a boost of energy to start the day and clears my head so I’m ready to focus on my writing.

8:30am. breakfast

The best part of the morning! I often cook oatmeal, an egg dish, or make a green smoothie. Sometimes I enjoy going out for breakfast, especially when I’m not staying in one place for very long. There’s something decadent about going out to eat the morning meal and I like the feeling that I’ve already given myself a little treat first thing in the morning!

9:15am. start work

I get myself organized for the day by checking emails and going over my to-do list. I fire off any emails and complete small tasks that won’t take more than a few minutes, and then start on client work. I like doing client work in the morning so I know I have enough time to finish it as well as any revisions that might be needed.

Work might include: creating and scheduling social media content, creating and formatting blog posts, generating content calendars and content ideas, checking in and updating advertising campaigns.

travel writer

Enjoying my morning tea while admiring my laptop stickers and preparing for work!

12:30 pm. break

I like to take a pre-lunch break to go for a walk and explore where I am. One of the best parts of nomad life is getting to explore new places! It’s also a good time to go for a run, a cycle, or swim as workout spots are usually quieter midday than first thing in the morning or the evening. I love combining a little bit of exercise with daily exploration.

1:00om. lunch

Now that I’ve got my stomach rumbling, I’ll check out a restaurant or café I(especially if they have a lunch menu!) and enjoy a break from work to read or chat with friends while I eat.

nomad life

2:00pm. writing projects

The afternoon is the time when I’m feeling bold. If I need to schedule client calls, I’ll do it at this time. It’s also when I like to take on big projects like creating new courses, or working on my next book. The afternoon is my most creative time of the day, so anything that requires big thinking goes in this slot.

On light work days, I’ll use the afternoon to do something fun like cycle to the devil falls. One of the joys of nomad life is being able to sometimes throw my deadlines to the wind and do something fun.

Nomad life. Travel writer.

They claim this 20km cycle is all downhill. I am here to tell you it is not. The waterfall is cool though.

5:30pm. finish work

I try to finish work by this time, though it doesn’t always happen. It’s a good time to work out or do yoga if I didn’t get a chance to earlier. If I did work out earlier, I’ll use this time to meditate or do a gentle yoga practice. I might take a Netflix break, read, or wander around a textile market and buy myself a llama sweater. Anything can happen.

nomad life

Modelling my Alpalca sweater at Machu Picchu

6:30pm. dinner

Time to eat again! Bonus points if it’s dinner with a sunset view.

7:30pm. entertainment

After dinner is when I spend time socializing, reading, or watching TV or movies. When feeling more adventurous I might amble out to a night market, take an evening stroll, or meet some friends for a drink.

9:00pm. relaxation

I try to keep my computer (even Netflix!) off after this point so my body can start relaxing. My phone goes into night mode since I am tethered to my phone and could not achieve the monolith goal of not looking at it after 9. If hot springs are available I will go there, if not I like to take a hot shower or bath, drink sleepy time tea, read, and get ready for bed.

10:30pm. sleep

All day I dream of getting back into bed and now it is time! Beautiful, delicious sleep!

I hope this was helpful if you’re interested in becoming location independent, a content writer, or just curious about what that lifestyle is about!

If you’re interested in reading more about travel and nomad life, check out the new travel section of my blog!

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