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Yoga for Chronic Fatigue: Child’s Pose

I've posted before about some of my favourite yoga poses, and after getting especially deep into my practice over the holidays I'd like to share more! Child's pose, or Warrior's pose, is one of my favourite, most relaxing, and stimulating poses. There are several variations on the pose, but my favourite is to put your…
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Does Location Affect Your Health

Does where you live affect your chances at living a long and healthy life? Scientists are beginning to see evidence that yes, it does. There is an island in Greece where inhabitants are known to live well into their 90's, and Eric Weiner's Geography of Bliss explores the subject in an entertaining travel memoir. What…
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Why you shouldn’t skip corpse pose

It may be easy to run out of yoga class if you've got a busy day, but here's why you shouldn't skip corpse pose... I only bought it because I was desperate. “Power Yoga for Happiness” was only $14.99, and I had just wasted almost $300 on a cleanse that did absolutely nothing except leave…
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