Does Location Affect Your Health

Does where you live affect your chances at living a long and healthy life? Scientists are beginning to see evidence that yes, it does. There is an island in Greece where inhabitants are known to live well into their 90's, and Eric Weiner's Geography of Bliss explores the subject in an entertaining travel memoir. What are the key factors in health and happiness: - Healthy and fresh diet - Strong cultural identity - Plenty of time spent with friends and family.


Waking up to this every morning wouldn't hurt either. Do you find your location affects your wellbeing? Have you ever just felt connected or well in a place you were only visiting? Would you consider moving to improve your health?

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5 Responses

  1. Yes, I'm so glad I have a bedroom with a glass door that opens out onto a garden. I'm also glad I live in Australia and have a temperate climate, I think I'd be much worse if I lived in an apartment or somewhere with a cold climate and lots of short days.
  2. I feel much better when I'm anywhere that isn't cool and perpetually damp like here (the Seattle area). When we go to Eastern Washington, my aches and pains start melting away as soon as we get over the mountains and into that dry heat. If it were just me, I would definitely move somewhere drier and sunnier for my health!
  3. I live in an area that gets pretty cold in the winter. We've already started discussing plans to move south some day! I also like how you mentioned they spend more time with family and friends. I think our culture could use some restructuring to place a larger importance on our relationships with those we love! Thanks for sharing!
  4. i live in a very moderate area - our temperatures are usually between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit year round. I think if I lived almost anywhere else my symptoms would be much worse, and have noticed that when I travel to other places I often feel worse.
  5. I have just moved (10 months ago) to live near the ocean because I knew my health improves here. There was a time, not long ago, where i really struggled with the idea of moving. The only convenient part about it was that it would suit my health. I had to give up a lot but it was worth it; most of that has come back to me now anyway.

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