Yoga For Sleep

This 15-minute free yoga for sleep sequence is the perfect addition to your evening routine. Get your PJ's ready as you prepare for a great night's sleep!

Do you have trouble sleeping? You’re not alone. 75% of people with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia have trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep, and waking up refreshed. You’ve got enough pain and fatigue in your life without adding sleep deprivation to the list. But sleep is a funny beast.

I used to sleep terribly. And I would beat myself up about it. I would will myself to sleep so badly that I ended up staying awake most of the night, tossing and turning in bed. Eventually getting up to read, and trying again. Often I didn’t get to bed until the sun rose! I tried many different medications for this. Some helped in the short - term, some didn’t. None of them helped in the long term. I started feeling desperate.

When I took my first course in mindfulness and yoga I learnt the most important thing about sleep. Like a watched pot that never boils, trying to force yourself to sleep rarely works. If you can’t sleep. Allow yourself to be awake. Get up and do something like this yoga for sleep routine we’re about to do! Or reading a book, writing, meditating. Whatever works for you. If you can’t sleep, it also helps to notice what’s going on with your body. Is your mind racing? Do you feel irritable or tense? Are you excited about something or nervous? Helping to understand what’s going on in your body when you can’t sleep, can help you understand how to help your body and mind better relax.

There is no magic cure for sleep. And while I think yoga for sleep is very helpful, it takes time for your body to get into the routine of consistently sleeping well. It took me about a year of regularly practicing yoga and meditation until I noticed a big difference in my sleep patterns (from not being able to sleep in my big comfy bed at home to sleeping in dorm rooms and train stations).

These yoga poses for sleep will help you relax and feel good. Try them with no expectations, but notice how you feel after finishing them. Do you feel more relaxed? If so, working this into your evening routine could help you start to sleep better. I’m sharing these poses because this is what worked for me. I hope that it will also help you find a more restful sleep!

What’s Included:

- 15-minute restorative yoga for sleep video.

- Gentle stretches and poses designed to help the body relax.

- Specially designed for people living with insomnia, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and too much stress in their lives.

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