Live-Stream Pay-What-You-Can Yoga Classes

Online yoga classes

During the outbreak of COVID-19, I will be offering pay-what-you-can (no minimum) live stream online yoga classes. These are small group (up to seven) half-hour online yoga classes will be hosted on Zoom. The schedule is:

Online yoga classes fo chronic illness

Morning gentle yoga class.

Gentle Yoga (M,W, F) - 10:00 AM

The gentle yoga class is designed for people living with chronic illness, recovering from surgery, or those who simply need a slower practice. These classes are deeply relaxing and can help reduce pain and fatigue, increase energy, improve sleep, and help stretch and strengthen the body. 

Yoga Flow (W)- 12:05 PM

This vinyasa flow class will help you get moving while self-isolating! We'll stretch and strengthen the body and practice breathing exercises for the ultimate energy boost to your day. 


Online yoga pets

Love it when pets join our online yoga classes!



Immersive Adventure Flow F) - 12:05

A mixture of yoga nidra and flow yoga, these classes will include visualization along with the postures and meditations during class. Settings may include a magic castle, a Greek island, A trip to Machu Picchu and more. This is a great class for those with anxiety or running thoughts who may find it challenging to stay focused in regular classes, or just for those students who want to try something a little different and playful! 

Harry Potter yoga

Enjoying zoom backgrounds during our Hogwarts Flow Yoga class!

All times are EST.

Book your spot here.

You need to reserve your spot in advance, but no payment is needed upfront, and there is no expectation to pay at all if that's not possible for you at this time. No matter your financial situation at the moment I'd love to have you in the class!

Curious about what the classes are like? I've recorded one of the gentle yoga classes so you can see what to expect!

Stay safe and healthy x

ps. My ten-day ten-minute bundles are all still available here.

online yoga classes