Live-Stream Pay-What-You-Can Yoga Classes

Online yoga classes

These are small group (up to seven students) classes and are half-hour each.

You can purchase a monthly "studio pass" which will get you unlimited classes for the month. Starting at $1 you pay only what you can! No recurring membership or need to cancel, you just decide each month if you'd like to continue!

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Please note: These classes run live at the times listed below. We're all able to see each other on the Zoom, though you can keep your video off if you like! The classes are small and we're able to chat a little at the beginning and the end. I'm also able to give adjustments for anyone that keeps their camera on. Since it's interactive, none of the classes are recorded to view later. If you'd prefer an on-demand experience, please check out my courses here! Hope to see you on the mat!

The schedule is:

Gentle Yoga – Monday: 12:00 PM EST

The gentle yoga class is designed for people living with chronic illness, recovering from surgery, or those who simply need a slower practice. These classes are deeply relaxing and can help reduce pain and fatigue, increase energy, improve sleep, and help stretch and strengthen the body. The last Monday of every month we'll practice Resrotative Yoga at 12:00pm EST. Described as active resting, we'll use props to get comfortable in the poses as we stretch the body and strengthen the mind. Bring a few firm pillows and blankets to this class!


Gentle yoga class


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All times are eastern standard but you can join from anywhere in the world!

Curious about what the classes are like? I've recorded one of the gentle yoga classes so you can see what to expect!

Stay safe and healthy x

online yoga classes