Yoga for Chronic Fatigue 10-day Bundle

Reduce your fatigue with research-backed video classes. All you need is wifi and 10 minutes a day!

You might have heard that yoga can be helpful for chronic fatigue, but you don't have the energy to get to a yoga class, let alone make it through the hour lesson. I’ve been there. I remember the closest yoga studio to my house was a 15-minute walk, but I was barely making the 5-minute walk to my university classes, I certainly wasn’t going to try to walk back after stretching in strange ways for an hour!

But I kept hearing about how helpful people with chronic fatigue syndrome had been finding yoga and meditation. I felt as frustrated and helpless as ever with this illness, which made me feel more tired, which made it less likely I’d go to class. It was a vicious cycle.

yoga for sleep

It was a yoga DVD that I could play on my computer that got me started with yoga. The DVD had 4 or 5 classes of different lengths, so I was able to try a class that was just 20 minutes long. I found it challenging but I did it again and again. It was almost a year before I felt well enough to move onto the longer classes, but I was slowly able to do more. Yet, without having access to a DVD that I could practice from home, and without having access to the shorter class to get me started, I would never have started doing yoga and might have been as sick today as I was 10 years ago.

Now, the online world of video classes is only growing. That first DVD I had was aimed at people wanted to get fit and relax, not at someone with an illness like chronic fatigue. But now many people are making specialised videos and online courses, even Deepak Chopra offers online programs! Being able to find a teacher that understands what you’re going through AND gives you the option to try classes from home is just one reason I love being able to connect with my students online as well as in person.

Get The Bundle!

I’ve created this course for people with chronic fatigue who need a gentle style of yoga and would like to practice sequences that have been shown to reduce fatigue and increase energy. It’s broken into 10-minute videos, and there’s always a gentler alternative so if you’re having a bad day you won’t be at risk for regressions.

The classes can help you sleep better and refuel your energy sources so you won’t be wasting all your energy doing yoga, you’ll actually be able to do more in the day!

The course presents 10 x 10-minute videos including:
  • A meditation
  • A mindful body scan
  • A restorative yoga class
  • A yin yoga class
  • A strength building class
  • A sleep time session
  • A morning Session
  • A low energy class (done in bed)
  • Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep)

The best part? The entire bundle only costs $10!

Get The Bundle!