The best resources for work and travel

Do you want to work and travel around the world? Or maybe you’re looking for a bit of extra online income to save for your next trip?

Whatever your goals are for working while travelling, this list will provide my best resources for work and travel whether you’re just starting out, or are looking to bring your remote career to the next level!

Am I missing something? Let me know in the comments!

Find online jobs that let you work and travel

Freelance jobs:

Upwork - The biggest marketplace for freelance jobs. I’ve found some great clients from this site, but due to poor customer service for freelancers I no longer use this site. It can be great for starting out and covers pretty much every skill and industry.

Cloud Peeps - curated jobs with interesting clients. Mostly in the tech and marketing fields.

Croudie Network - Another great one for tech and marketing jobs, Croudie Network works with freelancers from around the world. Work is within their full-time agency and the staff are wonderful to work with. If you apply. I'd love it if you use referral code:23SE

Language teaching jobs:

VIPKID - The biggest language learning platform. They work with teachers from all over the world but favour a north american accent. Undergraduate degree required but you don’t need TEFL.

Italki - A marketplace to set up your own language teaching services. This is a great place for native speakers of languages other than English to find clients.

51 Talk

Lingo Live - Another recommended company to work with!

Check out Grateful Gypsies for in-depth resources on starting your online English teaching career.

Freelance Writing Jobs:

Freedom With Writing - Great resource that lists freelance writing opportunities from all over the web. Recommend joining their mailing list!

Blogging Pro - Blogging and online article writing opportunities

Pro Blogger- Blogging and online article writing opportunities

Freelance Writing Gigs - Another great resource that amalgamates freelance writing jobs from all over the web.

Freelance tech jobs:

Jobscribe - A wide range of remote tech jobs

LandingJobs - A wide range of remote tech jobs

StackOverFlow - The queen of tech jobs, high quality listings for a range of tech skills

chronic illness books
Freelance design jobs:

Dribble - Great place to find freelance design clients

99designs - A great place for designers to get started and build a portfolio. Wide range of opportunities!

Remote full-time jobs:

Remote Mission - Join their mailing list to get a monthly send out of socially minded remote jobs. One of my favourite places to look for work!

We Work Remotely - Works with big companies that hire remotely. Mostly tech, marketing, and customer service jobs.

Remoteok - Focus is on remote tech and marketing jobs.

Healthcare Travel Jobs

Nursefly – Travel nursing jobs

Finding work and travel communities


7in7 - Seven years, seven continents, socially minded community, affordable conference. What more could you want in a digital nomad conference?

World domination summit - One of the biggest remote work conferences, takes place in Portland every year. Great place for networking.

Speaking at the 7in7 conference in Barcelona (year 2)

Facebook Groups:

Digital nomad girls - An active community for socializing, travel buddies, and remote work support!

Female digital nomads - Another vibrant community for female-identifying digital nomads

Nomad Soulmates - THE place for nomads looking for love on the road

Nomadtopia - A community built around the podcast of the same name with thoughtful discussions

Nomad and spice - another podcast community with discussions for experienced female nomads.

Remote mission community - For those who work in the social sector, this is the group to be in.

One step outside - Support in creating a lifestyle full of joy and freedom



Room for Tea


Remote work tools

Convertkit - Email marketing software

WordPress - Build your own website. Most flexible software to use.

Squarespace - Build your own website. Easiest software to use

Siteground - Host your website

Buffer - Social media scheduling

Hootsuite - Social media engagement

Trello - Task organizations

Healthy travel

Audible yoga - Take yoga classes with you anywhere!

Fit armadillo - one on one personal training, yoga, and pilates that’s done through video calls

10-minute yoga courses - check out these 10-day bundles that can be done from anywhere with a wifi connection!

Get Yoga and Health Articles!

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