Live Stream Class Access Link

Thank you for joining! Classes are on Monday's at 12 pm EST   The link is:

Meeting ID: 922 1636 6411

Passcode: 4444

Be sure to bookmark this page so you can join the classes and log in a couple of minutes before the class starts! Each class is 30 minutes long. We will practice a gentle flow yoga style, and the level of intensity will be based on the participants in class! The last Monday of every month will be restorative yoga.

You can add these events to your calendar here:

In the restorative practice, we use props to help us get comfortable in the pose. If you have or want to purchase yoga props, that is wonderful, but you can also use objects around your home! You'll need:

1) 1-2 yoga bolsters or firm pillows.

2) Two yoga blocks or thick hardback books. 

3) A yoga strap, scarf, or belt. 

4) Eye pillow, eye mask, or scarf to use as an eye covering

5) Two or more wool or flannel blankets.