For Yoga Teachers

20 minute sample sequence for yoga teachers

Below is an outline that you can use to structure a yoga class for your students who are living with pain and fatigue. The sample class is 20 minutes long but feel free to build on it with your own knowledge and expertise! This sequence can help you understand some of the building blocks for creating a sequence for someone with low energy and pain in their bodies.

The most important part of working with people who live with illnesses like chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia is to help them better listen to their bodies and understand their limits. The students' own experience should always take precendence over any sequence you or anyone else has created!

Workshops and Seminars for Yoga Teachers

Learn How to Help Students with Chronic Illness Thrive in Your Yoga Class. Register your interest below for my upcoming workshops. Some of the workshops will be online, and others will be around Europe and North America! Sign up below to be notified when my next one is going to take place!

In these 2-3 hour seminars, we'll cover the basics of working with students who suffer from pain and fatigue. The science and research behind how yoga is helping people living with conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, and how you can sequence a class for students living with pain and fatigue.

Upcoming workshops

And online workshop that can be done from your own home is now available to join! To sign up for the online workshop, click here.

Workshops in various locations coming soon!