Chronic Pain Journal

Track your journey to recovery with this free chronic pain journal!

chronic pain journalHow long have you been trying to get well?

How many medications, diets, and life hacks have you tried without much success?

I know when I was ill I tried so many different things I barely knew what was going on. There were the sleeping pills, the cleanses, the strange supplements, the yoga and breathing exercises…

It was all meshed together and I didn’t know how to figure out what was helping (if anything) and what was just picking away at my bank account while I drank funny tasting concoctions.

So I began writing it all down.

I found an old notebook in my closet, and began keeping track of the medications I was on. I also tracked cleanses, diets or wonky woo things I was trying (I say that in the most loving of ways, as yoga was one of them!).

Keeping everything organized and tracked in a chronic pain journal helped me get control of my health journey. Every week I’d review my journal and make note of what was working (let’s do more meditation this week) and what didn’t work so well or made me feel worse (let’s cut the multi-vitamins).

This knowledge helped me recover. And it helped me stop wasting time and money on things that weren’t working.

My chronic pain journal also helped me process some of the emotions that come along with being chronically ill. The stress of having a chronic illness can be a drain on your energy sources. My journal helped me process those emotions in a healthy way. 

You know (and I know) this process can be overwhelming. To follow the steps that led me to recovery, download this free chronic pain workbook to help you start tracking your healing journey!

You can print it out and put it in a three-hole binder, or just staple it together and get writing!

If you’d prefer a printed book version of the journal so you can get that new book smell, you can purchase one on Amazon here.