Welcome to the aroga yoga cafe!

acts of self-care for people with chronic illness

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Stick your feet up on a chair or curl up in your cozy reading nook, grab a big mug of your favourite warm drink, and settle in for the afternoon.

The cafe is a place where you can find reading recommendations, funny youtube videos, relax, restore, and ruminate on everything in your life that has gone wrong  rejuvenate.

I have a love affair with cafes. They're places that fuel creativity for me. Whether it's spending an afternoon working on a new project to the background of espresso machines or reading a new book with rain pounding on the windows, cafes give me a space to work, to relax, and to meet new people while I'm travelling.

I hope to capture that spirit in this virtual cafe, so if you want to grab a cuppa and chat about travel, mindfulness, yoga, or something else, send me an email at!

Now place your order and choose your entertainment...

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Salt in my Soul: A Review

"I want to wake up in the morning and take a deep, full breath. I want that breath to fill me up, to imbue me with joy and energy, not to irritate or pain me and set off a spasm of coughing. I want to...

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activists corner

Welcome to the activist's corner! Whether you're an advocate for your own health, or organizing large scale human rights campaigns, this is the place for you.

When I work with people who have chronic illnesses, I talk a lot about the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems – better known as fight or flight and rest and digest. While the sympathetic, fight or flight, system is important for our survival (and our activist work), staying in that state for extended periods of time is only going to lead to exhaustion.

So here are some fun yoga videos, posts, and quizzes to help you unwind from the fight.