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Hi, I’m Kayla

canoe trip algonquin

My water navigation skills need some work.

Adventurer, storyteller, and savasana expert.

My tale begins, as many do, at twelve – my coming of age. Sports were my life growing up. I was a competitive swimmer and on every school sports teams. Then, one day, I couldn’t move in the water anymore – I felt like I was swimming with a tonne of bricks. I had to sit out P.E class. I couldn’t focus on my school assignments. Nobody knew what was wrong with me.

Finally, six months later, I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome.

And so began my journey to wellness. At first, I had no idea what chronic fatigue syndrome even meant, let alone how to manage it as a teen. My doctor only knew slightly more than I did and in a last ditch effort to help me, recommended a coke or chocolate bar at lunch if I was feeling low energy.

It didn’t work. So I bumbled my way through school, getting passing grades but not taking in as much information as my usually nerdy brain delighted in.

I had always dreamed of travelling the world and becoming a writer. I could see myself sailing the Aegean sea, hair and salt getting caught in my mouth, and haggling for mangoes in markets in Vietnam. As I moved into my 20’s, still ill with chronic fatigue, it seemed less and less likely that those dreams would be possible.

I began to wonder what would happen if I never got better. What if my friends and family couldn’t or wouldn't support me anymore? What would happen if I just Na-ma-stay in bed all day?

How would I deal with the physical pain and loneliness? What would I do if no one believes me or thinks it's all in my head? What if my friends don't want to visit with me even though I make pyjamas an acceptable dress code 24/7?

Having a chronic illness is really, incredibly hard. The emotional turmoil that comes along with it can make life almost unbearable.

And then I found yoga and meditation.  I found hope in my future by learning to live in the present. I took joy in what my body could do each day. And by creating the right environment for growth, I watched my body slowly begin to heal. 

I worked with a nutritionist and occupational therapist. I changed my diet and my entire perspective on what it meant to be sick or healthy.

I went on a solo trip to Prince Edward Island and ate blue mussels while reading Anne of Green Gables.

I further developed my yoga practice, carving out fifteen minutes every day to meditate.

I got a full time job (with my own office so I could close my door and take naps and meditation breaks during the day).

I wrote down a list of countries I wanted to visit on a round the world trip.

nomad life

Modelling my Alpalca sweater at Machu Picchu

It’s now been nearly twelve years since I started a regular yoga practice and began feeling like I could manage my illness.

Since then, I’ve visited over 50 countries, written 4 books, run 3 triathlons, and continue to write about travel, health, chronic illness, and fictional stories that fill me with delight.

I now travel full-time (well, until the COVID-19 pandemic) and do two of the things I love most for work: write stories and teach yoga and meditation.

I want to help people uncover unconventional lifestyles that bring them more freedom, joy, and happiness. After all, happiness, and that time I found a bottle of Château Pontet-Canet Pauillac on sale, is one of the biggest factors in feeling well.

Welcome to Aroga Yoga – yoga studio – cafe – co-working space.

Whenever I travel, I always have my eye out for places that feel like they’re built exactly for me. I remember the first time I found my now favourite spot in Barcelona. It was recommended to me as a good cafe to work from because they had nice big tables and lots of power outlets. When I got there, I realised it was a vegan cafe which was exciting for me since I try to follow a plant-based diet and that isn’t always easy in Spain! After I ordered my burrito bowl and matcha latte, I noticed there was a yoga studio in the back of the cafe! I started spending several days a week there, getting lunch, working for the afternoon, and then ending my day with a yoga class.

I found similar places in small beachy towns in Ecuador, the tree-lined streets of Mexico city, and the bustling alleys of Saigon. So, I wanted to create a space like that virtually. A place that feels like a home way from home when you’re long term on the road (and maybe don’t have any home to return to!). An online space where you can relax, unwind, move your body, and get some work done.

So, where would you like to go today?

Yoga Studio                        Coworking                          Cafe

natural pain management

Step into the yoga studio. You won’t find any gymnastic type routines here. These videos, courses, and live classes will help you de-stress, build energy and focus, and reduce pain.

Creativty and Chronic Pain

Find resources on working remotely! Whether you're just getting started, are looking to make more money, or find more focus, the co-working space will have something for you!

Photo by Ollie Anand

Have a seat in the cafe while we chat about travel and read tales about far off worlds. Listen to a bed time story, browse some blog posts, or watch a comedy video!

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  • Tanya
    "Kayla's calm voice and presence made the yoga videos really enjoyable. She helped to make yoga seem less harsh than other instructors. I also really liked how you integrated mindfulness into the practice. Kayla is lovely and thoughtful!"...
  • Joanne
    " I found the course really good. The opportunity to focus on my breath along with me also doing daily meditation really helped. It gave me a purpose and something to look forward to in my day. It also improved my flexibility and made me...
  • Sarah
    Despite putting my joints through more movements than they usually experience, I was able to continue with my day as normal after every class and actually felt better physically and emotionally, which is always a great post-exercise bonus!...