Yoga Workshops and Retreats

Yoga workshops and retreats help you relax, de-stress, and get deeper into a yoga therapy practice. I run workshops in Toronto, London, and Barcelona, and run 1-2 retreats each year for those yogi's who love to travel!

I also love partnering with studios and businesses to bring yoga to your space! Contact me if you'd like to collaborate!



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Chronically Kind Yoga (Online, June 19)

A 6 week online course that can be done from anywhere in the world! Chronically Kind Yoga will teach you how to:

-Show kindness to yourself and your illness. (It’s all about showing yourself compassion!)

-Manage your pain and fatigue in a way that prevents your illness from taking over your life and your identity. (Get ready for more “good days!”)

-Stretch and strengthen your muscles to help reduce pain and fatigue in the body, providing a base for you to start doing other activities you love. (Less pain = more fun!)

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Yoga for Depression (July 1)

This Harry Potter inspired workshop will help anyone living with depression or negative thoughts find their inner strength with yoga. The workshop will include yoga postures, breathing exercises, and meditations that have been shown to help relieve depression. The workshop will be held outside on the beach to get the full medicinal benefits of nature!

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