Warne also explained that he was wearing

And comical. Warne also explained that he was wearing Rob Quiney's jumper as a result of his children borrowing his gear. But the whole charade will have brought the viewers in and it appeared the Warne factor had brought the crowds through the turnstiles, even if he was wearing the wrong clothes..

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India's National Association of Software Services Companies (Nasscom) says the country's call center and BPO industry what it calls IT enabled services grew by 70% during the 2001 2002 period to a total of $1.46 billion in revenues. Indian revenues in IT enabled services should jump to $16.94 billion by 2008, capturing more than 10% of the global market, Nasscom predicts. Indian employment in the field, Nasscom says, could rise from roughly 100,000 to 1.1 million people.

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