he was afraid to come down

I came downstairs because he was afraid to come down and I came in his room and you have to understand his doors were locked into his basement in law apartment right?" Ryan said."When I came down and I shook the bed covers looking for the doll, underneath the pillow and I couldn't find it, so I looked under the bed. It wasn't under the bed so I started opening the drawers and it's back in the drawers, so I took the doll. As I entered the room I had these shivers come up my spine and it was just really creepy, you get goosebumps like I have right now cause I'm in his room."She hid the doll again in the library area of the house."We went around about our own things throughout the day and as I was going upstairs to put my seven year old to bed, the doll was on my pillow, it was in my bedroom on top of my pillow on my side of the bed," she said.Ryan said that freaked her out.

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