You can feel better with yoga.

I know, Because I've been there.

What if I never get better? What if my friends and family can't, or won't support me anymore? How will I deal with the physical pain? The loneliness? What do I do if no one believes me? Everyone seems to think it's my fault I'm ill, or it's all in my head. I can't do normal things.

Are these thoughts familiar? They are to me because they used to plague me every day. Every time someone asked about my health, my future, or what my plans were for the evening.

Having a chronic illness is really, incredibly hard. The emotional turmoil that comes along with it can make life almost unbearable.

And that's where yoga comes in. I found hope in my future by learning to live in the present. I took joy in what my body could do each day. And by creating the right environment for growth, I watched my body slowly begin to heal.



Workshops for teachers and students who want to get deeper into their practice and understand the concepts behind yoga therapy. 

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for teachers


Understand how chronic illness affects students physically and emotionally, and how you can structure your classes to be accessible for people with long- term illnesses.

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yoga for chronic painRead my 7 steps to aid recovery from Fibromyalgia and chronic fatige with yoga!

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  • Tanya
    "Kayla's calm voice and presence made the yoga videos really enjoyable. She helped to make yoga seem less harsh than other instructors. I also really liked how you integrated mindfulness into the practice. Kayla is lovely and thoughtful!"...
  • Joanne
    " I found the course really good. The opportunity to focus on my breath along with me also doing daily meditation really helped. It gave me a purpose and something to look forward to in my day. It also improved my flexibility and made me...
  • Sarah
    Despite putting my joints through more movements than they usually experience, I was able to continue with my day as normal after every class and actually felt better physically and emotionally, which is always a great post-exercise bonus!...